3D Printing Tech has supply chain solutions for the COVID-19 pandemic and is rapidly developing and deploying products to help prevent the spread of the virus. Our production printing capabilities and hands-on approach allow us to quickly assess parts for 3D printability and go from assessment to production within hours. We print with a variety of different materials and methods to match usage demands of the part to the proper material and build structure.

3D printing has come a long ways from just prototyping. We are in an age where Production 3D Printing is a reality. We utilize SLS (nylon laser sintering), an FDM/FFF (filament extrusion) print farm, and an SLA (resin) farm to produce parts from quantities of 10 to 1000 in a variety of materials on a daily basis. Our consultative approach means that our clients do not need to know exactly what they need. We assess parts for printability and can offer design change suggestions to optimize print success and speed.

We partner with our clients in design and production to generate winning results
How YOU can work with US?
  1. Do you have a small quantity (<10) and know what printing method and material you need?  If so, you can submit files through our online instant quoting tool
  2. Do you have parts that are currently injection molded or made in another traditional manufacturing method that you would like to have assessed for 3D printing?  If so, you can submit those files through our project request tool.
  3. Would you like us to visit your facility to help develop solutions to current workflow or production challenges?  If so, please fill out our Contact Us form at the bottom of the page and we will get in touch shortly.
We can go from 0 to 1000 parts in as little as 3 days depending on the size of the part
Use-Case Examples
  • Electronics enclosures
  • PCB standoffs
  • "Behind the Dash" parts
  • Robotic arm attachments
  • Automotive parts
  • Camera mounts
  • Jigs & fixtures
Solutions in Development
  • Product to allow delivery drivers to disinfect stylus pens after each use
  • UV "lightbox" for cleaning and disinfecting common items
  • Point-of-Sale solutions to reduce personal contact and virus transfer