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3D Printing Tech has expanded its operations and capabilities.
For when you have a file and are looking for an instant quote.

3D Printing

Comprehensive 3D Printing services utilizing a variety of in-house printing technologies.

3D Scanning

Precise 3D Scanning services to turn a physical object into a detailed digital file.

3D Modeling

Expert 3D Modeling services for customers who need help making a print ready file.
Tech Details

Cutting-edge tech,
expert results

We offer SLS, DMLS, PolyJet, BinderJet, ZPrint ProJet, and other emerging technologies such as composite based additive manufacturing and Multi-Jet fusion. Our capacity allows for over 1,000 print hours every day.  

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Scanning and Modeling

Don't have a print-ready file yet?

We do more than printing. From napkin sketch to physical prototype, we can scan a physical object or create a digital model of nearly anything.

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Austin Bradley Designs

"My experience working with 3D Printing Tech was excellent on all fronts. Their communication was clear and concise, as well as honest and helpful when it came to fully realizing our prototype... I would definitely recommend their services, and will be returning with future projects without any hesitation."'

Thomas Steele

"The guys at 3D Printing Tech went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied with the end product. Their prices were very competitive and their knowledge was second to none. I know where I’ll be going for all my 3D printing needs in the future!"

James Lapham

"The 3D printed models you have done for us have proven to be a valuable asset and will we believe equate to large wins on the Multi-Million Dollar contracts we are currently pursuing. Congrats to all of you on a job well done and very much appreciated."


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Trusted by:
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