Large-Format 3D Printing Solutions

Unlock the power of 3D printing large parts for your business, and elevate your production with our state-of-the-art Large-Format 3D printing capabilities.

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Use-Cases Examples

Architectural planning model
3D printed architectural model

A 3D model can help plan for approaches in complicated structures to stay on schedule

Film/TV/Movie props
3D printed dragon head movie prop

High-detailed and large practical effects can be used to enhance CGI or as props in filming

Event props
3D printed iceberg

3' tall iceberg used for a photo prop at a corporate event

Fiberglass molds
13' Coca-Cola bottle

3D prints can be used for fiberglass molds such as this one used to make two 13' tall Coca-Cola bottles

Fitment tests prior to tooling
3D printed carseat

Tooling for large objects such as a child carseat can be over $100k, fitment tests can avoid significant losses

With Large-Format 3D Printing, you can:

Create large functional-use parts

Say YES to 3D printing large functional-use items for replacement parts, restorations,  customizations, and more.

Accelerate large object prototyping

Say YES to clients'  unique and intricate ideas that were once challenging with traditional  methods.

Overcome cost barriers for large items

Say YES to increasing  your revenue by reducing design and R&D phase timelines.

Carnero prop designed by Diego Licenblat
Optimize production  schedules

Say YES to client  jobs with demanding schedules, meeting deadlines effortlessly while increasing revenue streams.

Unlock creative  potential

Say YES to clients'  unique and intricate ideas that were once challenging with traditional  methods.

Granite Lion
Improve special  practical effects

Say YES to producing  more practical effects as they can be made lighter weight compared to other  building materials.

Embrace tight timelines

Say YES to tight  timelines and eliminate long work hours thanks to extremely fast printing  speeds.

Expedite approval  processes

Say YES to more  projects by decreasing production time and increasing revenue streams.

3D Printed Table
3D Printed Concept Car by Marie 3D
Concrete Truck Engine Cover Prototype
Astronaut (Cosmonaut) by Adaequo
Mister X Booth Display by Xclusive International

Ideal Materials for Large-Format 3D Printing

general use FDM

General use 3D printing filament
Typical Uses and Characteristics:

Prototyping, concept models, sales models, affordable functional-use parts, production runs, fitment tests, flexible parts, food-safe products, and moderately strong parts can all be produced with PLA and PETG on our large-format filament-extruding machines.

general use GDP

Dimengel 90,
Dimengel 110
Dimengel 90 3D printed part
Typical Uses and Characteristics:

Dimengel 90 (DIM 90) is a cost-effective derivative of the DIM 100, offering the same wide range of applications and finishing options without illumination. Dimengel 100 (DIM 100) is a high-definition, general-use material.


Dimengel 400
Dimengel 400 3D printed part
Typical Uses and Characteristics:

Dimengel 400 (DIM 400) is the strongest and toughest of Massivit’s high-performance, Gel-Dispensing Printing materials. Its impact resistance is ideal for the most demanding functional prototyping and custom manufacturing.


Dimengel 100,
Dimengel 300
Dimengel 110 3D printed part
Typical Uses and Characteristics:

Dimengel 300 (DIM 300) is a translucent 3D-printing photo-polymeric gel for the fast production of large parts. Like Dimengel 300, Dimengel 100 is semi-translucent. Both are typically used in applications where the printed part needs to be illuminated.


Dimengel 20-FR
Dimengel 20-FR 3D printed part
Typical Uses and Characteristics:

20-FR (DIM 20-FR) is the world’s first flame-retardant 3D-printing thermoset gel to produce large parts. The polymer complies with the highest standard for flame-retardant materials, serving various industries, including automotive, marine, aerospace, rail, and scenic fabrication.

A Comparison of Three Methods for 3D Printing Large Objects

Full mannequin for printing on a Massivit5000
57" X 43" X 70" Build Size
Massivit5000 (GDP)

Printed as 1 part
20-24 Hours
0.5 - 1.3 mm resolution


1-3 Days with 1 Machine

Mannequin split up for 3D printing on a 3D Platform
39" X 39" X 27" Build Size
Large-Format (FDM/FFF)

Split into 6-8 parts
325-450 Hours
0.3 mm resolution


3-4 Weeks with 1 Machine
1 1/2-2 Weeks with 2 Machines

Mannequin split up for 3D printing on desktop machines
12" X 12" X 12" Build Size
Desktop (FDM/FFF)

Split into 16-20 parts
800-1000 Hours
0.2 mm resolution


5-8 Weeks with 1 Machine
1-2 Weeks with 10 Machines

Example Projects at Varying Sizes

Testimonial Image

Iceberg Photo Prop

A 36" x 30" x 27" iceberg was needed as a prop for a photo shoot at a corporate event. The iceberg was printed on the Massivit5000 in just 6 hours. The customer smoothed and painted the print to create the result.

Testimonial Image

African Mask Scaled Up

36" African mask: It was printed in 6.5 hours, compared to 45 hours via traditional FDM large-format printing.

Testimonial Image

Elroy Bobble Head Scaled Up

A classic Elroy Bobblehead toy was 3D scanned and converted into a printable file. The model was printed in 9 days and then professionally smoothed, painted, and assembled.

Testimonial Image

Dragon Head Film Prop

A large dragon or demon creature was needed as a prop to enhance the CGI version while filming a movie. The body of the dragon was made with traditional foam-cutting methods, but the details in the head required 3D printing.

Testimonial Image

13' Tall Coca-Cola Bottle Form

A 13' tall Coca-Cola bottle was 3D printed as a hollow shell in 5 pieces to be assembled, smoothed, and then used as a form to create two fiberglass versions, which were then wrapped and used on the ESPN College Game Day set.

Testimonial Image

Crown Molding Restoration

Five large crown molding 3D prints were needed to create molds to cast parts in cement. Each was roughly 24" x 18" x 10" large, and the total print time was 300-350 hours.

Testimonial Image

Building Construction Model

A construction company was developing a complicated structure and was having difficulty planning its approaches due to the unique overhangs. The commissioned 3D model helped them plan properly and stay on schedule.


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