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3D Modeling for 3D Printing

Whether you have the beginnings of a design idea, a partially drafted CAD model, or are just having some issues with your model, experienced technicians at 3D Printing Tech can bridge the gap between a rough design possibility and a tangible product. At any stage of the design process, regardless of size or scale, we can get you started and help create a plan to obtain your product goals.

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Rapid Prototyping

Even the most thought-out and well-researched design will benefit from producing a prototype. With our rapid prototyping process, this step can be iterated quickly and inexpensively to ensure an optimal design before producing a final product. This step will help with design visualization by giving you a solid 3D object that can be physically held and inspected.

Large Format

Large Objects

If the final product will be very large, a smaller scaled prototype can aid with working out flaws and issues before the final design is printed. If parts should be sized or tested before creating a final product, then using an inexpensive prototype could save time and money down the line. As a part of the rapid prototyping process, we can also analyze product documentation and prepare CAD models for direct production. Let 3DPT help you optimize your design before printing the final product by utilizing our economical rapid prototyping process.


Design for Manufacturing

Since durable, high-quality materials are used at 3DPT and the printers at our facilities allow for precise tolerance specifications, the quality of 3D printing is ideal for manufacturing parts and assemblies at any level of detail or size. Large plants or spaces and multiple laborers and technicians are no longer necessary for large-scale production of quality products.

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Art, Marketing, or Hobbies

If you possess the creativity but lack the technical skills to bring your creation to life, the experienced technicians at 3DPT will work with you from start to finish. If you can imagine it, we can print it.

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