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Our 4 Stage Process

If you have managed projects, you know that a consistent and repeatable process can lead to success, here is our process.

The Stages

Scope of Work

Scope of Work & Approval

We will examine the customer's 3D design or concept for feasibility and to ensure it aligns with our capabilities. If known, the customer will share the key objectives, deliverables, budget, and deadlines.

The result is a scope of work including printing method(s), materials, final finishes, as well as any other necessary services such as 3D modeling or scanning. The scope of work is then used to determine estimates for production that are aligned with the project budget and timeline.

3D design and print setting testing

3D Design & Print Settings Testing

Printable files are a requirement at this stage and depending on the scope of work, the customer will provide them, we will model them, or we will repair existing non-printable files provided.  Once the print files are ready, we will begin to dial in print settings to optimize quality and output per file.

Print samples typically result from this stage which we are happy to provide to ensure expectations for the final product are aligned by all.

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3D printed magnet holders

Pre-Production & Production

During the pre-production and production stage, many factors are considered in determining the number of machines to allocate to the project.  Each machine is verified as a viable fit for the material, print settings, and geometry of the part prior to full allocation to the project.

A quality control plan is implemented to ensure the 3D prints are produced to the agreed upon expectations, and to allow for early implementation of changes if necessary. Machines allocation is increased or decreased to allow us to meet deadlines with certainty.

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3D Print Finishing & Fulfillment

If print finishing such as smoothing, painting, dying, assembly, or support removal is included in the scope of work, we will schedule these services to meet fulfillment dates.  We maximize print finishing success by putting forethought into prior stages of modeling and print setting testing.

Once the parts are ready for shipping, we offer various shipping carriers such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS, in addition to courier service to Atlanta local locations, pick up service, and LTL for large items.

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pla white
White PLA
FDM/FFF printed IOT device hangers
Grey PLA
FDM/FFF printed enclosure doors
components image
FDM/FFF printed enclosures
White Nylon12
SLS printed cable guards
SLS Nylon
White Nylon12
SLS printed, connected with nub stems
PLA White Magnet
White PLA
FDM/FFF printed magnet holders
3d parts
White Nylon
SLS printed headlamp bezels

Scope of Work & Approval

During this phase we gather information from you, the customer, that enables us to develop the scope of work for the project. Consultations are common in this stage, via phone calls, video conferences, or in-person meetings.  Once a scope of work is approved, we put together an estimate and timeline.

Info from you

  • CAD files, drawings, sketches, images, and/or descriptions
  • Timeline and deadlines
  • Goals for the project
  • Intended use of the model or items
  • Target audience for the model or items
  • Additional stakeholders
  • Whether or not a budget already determined

With that info, we

  • Validate the project's feasibility
  • Review finish and quality options available for the project
  • Suggest ideas from our experience to benefit the project
  • Provide a cost range and timeline estimate
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3D Design & Print Setting Testing

Once the project budget and timeline are agreed on and we have approval on the order, we will dial in the print settings necessary to produce the parts within the timeline needed and to the level of quality required.  Samples are common for large jobs when the timeline allows, and they help to make sure that expectations are aligned.

At the completion of this stage, the timeline is double checked to ensure that any changes to print times on account of dialing in the print settings will still allow completion on time.

Potential work items at this stage

  • Validate "printability" of files
  • Repair print files that are not printable
  • Produce samples with varying print settings to create the fastest production times that meet quality expectations
  • Print test portions of the parts that require support to ensure support removal will be feasible
  • Print test sections of the parts that contain unique and or difficult geometry determine best orientation and method
  • Suggest design modifications when we see opportunities to optimize printability, reduce print times, reduce cost, etc
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Pre-Production & Production

The Pre-Production stage of Production is often neglected in the timeline planning, but this stage is critical for success. We have developed best practices for handling this stage quickly and effectively.


  • Lay out a strategy for 3D printing the files involved in the project
  • Print settings are dialed in to meet or exceed expectations of the final finish of the part
  • Print settings are dialed in for speed in printing to ensure we meet deadlines
  • Machines are dialed in to the specific print jobs to ensure we have equipment that is calibrated to meet or exceed quality expectations
  • Calculate the number of machines needed to complete the work on time
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  1. Start enough machines to complete the work on time
  2. Monitor the quality control pass/fail rate and adjust the number of machines needed accordingly to complete the job on time
  3. Move quality control passed parts on to post processing and 3D print finishing / fulfillment
  4. Monitor the timeline
artboard 3d
3D printed magnet holders

3D Print Finishing & Fulfillment

3D Print Finishing

  • If parts need to be smoothed and or painted, we clear coat, wet sand, prime, and paint in various orders specific to the geometry of the parts being finished, material used, and final finish/look of the part
  • If parts need assembled, we use epoxy, friction welding, or glue to hold parts together
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  • We offer the following fulfillment services: UPS/FedEx/USPS/Courier (Atlanta only)/Delta Dash/Hold for Pick Up/LTL
  • We can ship complete or in batches as the work completes
  • We can package and ship directly to several different addresses
  • We can ship “blind” as if your shipment came from the customer or entity
  • In some cases, we can offer retail packaging, stickers, and labels
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